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Motivational Interviewing 101*

“Motivational interviewing is a directive, client-centered counseling style for eliciting behavior change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence**.”   Stephen Rollnick and William R. Miller Motivational Interviewing is more about mindset than techniques. The traditional mindset has been to … Continue reading

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Why I Became a Psychodramatist

True confession:  When I started out, I didn’t want to be a therapist.  I was an activist and I wanted to save the world.  I wanted to be an academic because I believed that if I could gather the right … Continue reading

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How Psychodrama Can Help You Live a Juicy Life

Living Juicy is:  Jumping for joy on the inside. Sark To live a juicy life is to live in the aliveness — your own aliveness — of the present moment, aware of the miracles and wonders that are all around … Continue reading

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Group Dynamics

Most of our lives happen in groups.  We are born into a group (aka our family).  We work in groups.  We spend our leisure time in groups.  We practice our spiritual beliefs in groups.  We play sports in groups.  And … Continue reading

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Healing Modalities: Psychodrama –

This blog was originally written by Debra Stang and posted on the Alliance of Hope for Suicide Survivors website: . Healing Modalities: Psychodrama By Debra Stang / Interview with Regina Sewell Regina’s eyes light up as she talks about … Continue reading

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Professional Supervision Group for Counselors, Social Workers, and Addiction Counselors

Group supervision using action methods such as Psychodrama and Playback Theatre to help you: § Increase your spontaneity and creativity § Practice new ways of working with your clients § Process with colleagues and other professionals § Practice alternative strategies … Continue reading

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From Hungry to Whole: A Group to Heal Your Relationship with Food, Your Weight and Your Body

Do you make resolutions to lose weight, only to slide back into old patterns once you’ve done so? Are you struggling to keep the weight off after weight-loss surgery? Do you get caught up in emotional eating and wind up … Continue reading

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