Psychodrama This Friday

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Drama – the story

Psyche – the soul

Psychodrama – the story of the soul.

When facilitated by a trained and experienced director, a psychodrama session can help participants and observers work through the issues and stories that keep them stuck in ineffective patterns of thinking and being.

Protagonists – group members selected to work – get an opportunity to put their lives on stage.  They are able to slow down the action of life, make sense of the roles they are playing, give voice to their perceptions and projections they attribute to others, step into others’ shoes to test their perceptions and projections and try on new roles and new ways of playing old roles.

Auxillaries – people chosen by the protagonist to play roles in their dramas – get a chance to try on new roles or modes of behavior and gain insight into their own roles and modes of being.

Audience members get a chance to see a universal theme played out before their eyes, connect with the protagonist’s struggle and with others in the group, and make sense of their own lives in a different way than before.

And if you are anywhere in the Hudson Valley area of New York this Friday, June 17th, you can experience a psychodrama in action – not for $500, not for $300, not even for $199.95.

This Friday, at 7:30 PM, the Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Society for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama invites you to experience  an Open Psychodrama Session at Boughton Place, 150 Kisor Road, Highland, NY 12528, for a small donation of $8 ($5 for those on limited income).

This month’s director is  Phoebe Atkinson, a licensed clinical social worker, Board Certified Psychodramatist and Trainer with a successful private practice in New York City.  Beyond the counseling realm, Phoebe and has helped Rutgers University design their Senior Leadership Program for Professional Women and currently works with them providing professional coaching to women executives.

For more information, drop me a line or contact the Hudson Valley Chapter of Association for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama c/o Rebecca Walters  Phone: (845) 255-7502




About reginasewell

I am a counselor, psychodramatist, writer, healing practitioner and college professor. I have a monthly column, "InsightOut" in Outlook (, an essay, "Sliding Away" in "Knowing Pains" and a book out "We're Here! We're Here! We're Queer! Get Used to Us!" My goal, through my writing, counseling and teaching is to help people heal from the emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that keep them from living engaging and meaningful lives.
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