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An Evening of Psychodrama, Friday May 20, 2011

When told the group would be doing psychodrama today, a client said, “Psychodrama, what the f#%* is that?”  This is probably a common (though usually not spoken so articulately) response to psychodrama.  If you’ve ever had that sort of reaction … Continue reading

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The Truth About Roadblocks

Anytime you set an ambitious goal, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into roadblocks.  Some roadblocks are rooted in realistically insurmountable external challenges (perhaps you want to be a forward for the San Antonio Spurs but happen to be a five … Continue reading

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Choosing a Therapist: How Do You Know if You’ve Got a Good Fit?

There are a lot of good therapist out there.  And there are a lot of therapists out there who aren’t so good.  When you’re shopping for a therapist, how do you know who to choose? The first thing you need … Continue reading

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