Evening of Psychodrama

Join the  Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Society for Group  Psychotherapy and Psychodrama at Boughton Place, 150 Kisor Road, Highland NY 12528 on Friday April 15, 2011 for an Evening of Psychodrama*.
Rebecca Walters, Ms, TEP, LCAT, LMHC will lead an open session** entitled:
An Encounter with Wisdom & Compassion

The session begins at 7:30 PM.  Contribution: $8 / $5 for those on limited income. No reservation needed!

What is Psychodrama?
Developed by Jacob L. Moreno, MD., psychodrama allows people to work through their problems and issues in action.  By bringing issues into the “here and now,” participants have a chance to express feelings they’ve stuffed down, develop insight about themselves, their relationships, and situations that feel challenging, and find and practice new responses to challenging or unsatisfying situations.  Psychodrama also helps people access the spontaneity they need to respond to life in creative, more successful and satisfying ways.

By putting issues and problems into action and providing a space to experience alternative responses, psychodrama can “rewire” the brain.  In contrast to “talking about” issues and problems, psychodrama brings them to life.  Participants have a chance to explore the stories (the social, familial and personal rules and beliefs) that keep them from using more effective strategies and experiment with new beliefs and ways of reacting.  Participants also develop empathy because they get the chance to reverse roles with others and experience the world through each other’s eyes.

This video of Zerka Moreno gives a brief example of psychodrama in action.

What Is An Open Session ?

Our “Evenings of Psychodrama” open sessions are 2 to 2 1/2 hour psychodrama sessions offered by certified psychodramatists to the general public. Participation  is optional and you may always choose your level of active  involvement. Open sessions are for everyone ages 16 and up. This series provides an opportunity for community members as well as students and professionals in the fields of mental health, counseling, human services, creative arts therapy, medicine, psychology/sociology and education to learn about and participate in psychodrama first-hand.  No reservation necessary .
*Most of this is a repost from Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute.

About reginasewell

I am a counselor, psychodramatist, writer, healing practitioner and college professor. I have a monthly column, "InsightOut" in Outlook (www.outlookcolumbus.com), an essay, "Sliding Away" in "Knowing Pains" and a book out "We're Here! We're Here! We're Queer! Get Used to Us!" My goal, through my writing, counseling and teaching is to help people heal from the emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that keep them from living engaging and meaningful lives.
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